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NewNorthEast: Mizoram showed the way of self-shopping, no shopkeeper nor camera at the shop


NewNorthEast: Mizoram shows the way for new trend in self shopping

new Delhi. The North East region of India is now becoming the father of new trends along with development. North Eastern Region Development Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh shared a video on his official Twitter handle 11 hours ago. He has written using the hashtag Neworthist, Mizoram showing the way for new trends in self-shopping. While adherence to social distancing is being mandated due to Corona virus all over the world, poor farmers of Mizoram have been adopting this practice for years.

In this video posted on Twitter, it not only tells the story of poor farmers of Mizoram, as well as a new way for self-shopping. These shops in Mizoram are an example of honesty and truth in this era of CCTV. Today where it is impossible to find such shops where CCTV cameras are not installed, on the other hand, there are shops without shops in Mizoram. Popularly known as Nah Laur Daur, these shops sell fruits-vegetables, fruit juices and small fish.

At each of these shops, a slip is affixed next to each item with its selling price and a small box or bowl is placed along with it. The people visiting the shops take the goods from these shops according to their needs and put the right price in the box or bowl.

The owners of these shops are poor farmers, who sell their farm produce here. These farmers do farming as well as shop to make a living. In such a situation, neither they can sit at the shop themselves nor can they keep servants.

The surprising thing is that till date these shops have never been stolen. In this era of CCTV, these shops in Mizoram are an example of truth and honesty. Also a unique example of social distancing. This video has been viewed by 9474 people so far. A Twitter user has written that seeing such shops in Hindustan, it is a big surprise that there will be so many good people, we pray to God, if such people are in all of India then who can stop the country from moving forward.

This post was published on June 29, 2020 9:49 am

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