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small scale miner finds biggest gems worth 3.3 million dollar


small scale miner finds biggest gems worth 3.3 million dollar

new Delhi. In Tanzania, the fate of a man has emerged even faster than companies engaged in mining of gems. The man who hunted for gems in the quarries on his own hand has found the largest Tanzanite ever, a rare gem. This discovery has not only made this miner a millionaire overnight, but he has also been congratulated by the country's president himself.

According to the government of Tanzania, both of these gems are the largest Tanzanites ever, which will now be kept in the country's museum. The government has given $ 33 million to the man for these two gems, which is 7 billion 74 million Tanzanian shillings in the currency of Tanzania. According to the information given to the media, one of these gems weighs 9.27 kg and the weight of the other gem is 5.1 kg.

According to reports, the main business of this man is animal husbandry and when he finds time, he searches for gems, he got these gems only last week, although his price and specialty came to know when he got the government agency to sell these gems. Reached to According to media reports, this man wants to open a school and a shopping mall with his own money. Because of never going to school himself, he wants his children and the children of other nearby poor to take their education in this school.

On receiving the news of the gem, the President of Tanzania has ordered these gems to be kept in the capital's museum. According to the President, these gems can tell the world that Tanzania is also a rich country. The largest gem discovered earlier was 3.4 kg, which was discovered 15 years ago by a mining company.

Millions of people in Tanzania are involved in mining work for gems at their level. These people do not work with any company and usually dig with the help of hands and simple tools in the midst of threats. Only last year, the government has opened a trading center where people can go directly and sell the gems found in the excavation.

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