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Ministry of external affairs statement on H1B visa suspension


Foreign Ministry on H1B visa suspension

new Delhi. The Foreign Ministry hopes that despite the US banning all foreign work visas, including H1B visas, will open up opportunities in the US for Indian professionals in the coming years, as Indians contribute significantly to the US economy and Kovid 19 Indian professional people are playing a very important role in the fight with the American workforce.

However, the ministry admitted that this decision would have a significant impact on Indians living in the United States. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, they are reviewing the impact of this decision on Indians and industry. They are also talking to all the parties involved. According to the ministry, people-to-people, business and economic cooperation is an important aspect in India and American relations, especially in technology and new discoveries. According to the ministry, potential Indians bring skills with them and are helping the American economy by filling the gap in technology. The Ministry has clearly stated that America has always respected talent and that the talents of the country will continue to be welcomed in future.

US President Donald Trump has suspended the process of issuing all foreign work visas, including H1B visas, until the end of the year. In fact, Trump has been talking about creating opportunities for the American people in the industry, so his government has taken this step. After his decision, Trump said that he wanted to help the millions of Americans who had lost their jobs, so the rules were tightened for foreign workers to work in the country. These visas are quite popular among the professionals in the IT sector of India. This decision of the US government will affect many professionals in the country.

This post was published on June 25, 2020 8:42 pm

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