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Gautam adani praised government steps to deal with covid crisis

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Gautam adani

new Delhi. Veteran industrialist Gautam Adani has said that if the government had delayed taking decisions based on the available information in view of the Kovid-19 pandemic, the country would have suffered extensively and would have a global impact. The chairman of the Adani Group also said that this time is suitable for investment in India as the country will be one of the world's top consumer centers, manufacturing and service centers with a stable democratic operating system.

In the chairman's message in the annual report released on Wednesday by Adani Enterprises, he said, "We should realize that there is no absolute or false idea in reality." What was needed during an unexpected crisis like Kovid-19? The government continued to take decisions on the basis of better information available at the given time and whatever new information came in. "He said," The Government of India and the officials are certainly appreciative for this. "Adani said," Today, more resource-rich countries are struggling to overcome this crisis. At the same time, our campaign against the virus is still far from coming to a conclusion, yet I have no hesitation in saying that if there was a delay in decision making, we would have to face a huge loss which not only in the country but globally Would have effect.

He said that of course businesses were greatly affected, people lost their lives and jobs were lost and the migrant labor crisis made the entire country depressed but the impact of unintentional choices could be even more serious. He said that the leaders, doctors, medical personnel, police, army, Khomache and Rehri and the citizens who played their role to help each other during the epidemic reflected India's temperament and its strength. Adani said that the government has made a system by connecting Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile, now it is able to directly benefit the needy. he said that

I am not in a position to explain the possible economic consequences in the short or medium term due to the Carona virus epidemic. But there is no denying the fact that India will be a growing market for the next several decades and it cannot be easily ignored. ”Adani said that this is the world's leading consumer center with a shining stable democratic operating system , Will be a manufacturing and service center. He said that there can be no better time to place bets on India. Regarding the performance of the group companies, he said that despite all the challenges, the performance of the six listed companies in the group market was good. He said that in view of the challenges, the group may need to change the strategy according to the need, but our framework is very clear.

This post was published on June 4, 2020 5:43 pm

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