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Oriflame contributed to PM Cares fund, also gave 5000 masks to Delhi government: Naveen Anand


Oriflame's Senior Director Naveen Anand

New Delhi: Naveen Anand, Regional Director, Regional Marketing, South Asia, senior director of India's leading direct-selling Swedish beauty brand oriflame, said the Corona virus has put a lot of pressure on our business, taking steps taken by the company regarding the corona virus But we are still able to help people during this period. Through its unique direct-selling model, Oriflame provides a business opportunity for all during this difficult period. Since this is an opportunity to earn extra income, people now have more trust in our brand.

He said that people are not taking premium products at this time, so there is a great demand for essential things like soap, toiletries etc. We have focused more on immunite enhancing products such as protein shake, omega 3 and antioxidants. We are now waiting for the situation to normalize due to the government prohibiting the distribution of non-essential items.

Naveen Anand said that Oriflame has always been at the forefront of helping the needy people. In its latest efforts towards helping the needy, the brand has donated 5000 masks to the Delhi Police and 5000 masks and soaps to the Delhi government as well. The brand has also contributed to the PM Cares fund. Each employee of the company has given his one day salary as a donation to the fund.

The senior director of Oriflame said that we are encouraging our company employees to follow all safety precautions such as hand cleaning, use of N95masks and checking of regular temperature. To prevent them from getting caught by the virus, the company is providing the facility of leaving office from home and office from home. Awareness is being spread through the company through its various social media accounts for how to be safe in such times. Regular updates, posts can be seen on the brand's Facebook and Instagram pages.

He said that for example, we recently extended #FitFamilyChallenge which is a way to bring families together and exercise while staying home. It received a resounding response from viewers with over 6 million impressions. The participants performed squats, Suryanamaskars and other physical activities with their families. Similarly, we started the #BeautyofMoms campaign for our users on Mother's Day.

Naveen Anand said that now we are gearing up to restart the business. We are ready to fully support our employees and consultants. We hope to open office soon and restore normalcy.

This post was published on May 31, 2020 8:56 pm

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